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Diagnosis of nematology graduate education in Brazil

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Since the 1990s, Brazil has experienced tremendous expansion of graduate education (GE), including in agricultural sciences (AS). In AS, analyses of GE in the fields of plant protection, such as nematology, are scarce. To shed light on this matter, questionnaires were sent to faculty advisers/co-advisers and professors, graduate students and young nematologists starting their careers (alumni). The responses revealed various aspects of GE in nematology, in particular: i) the need for better training of graduate students; ii) the greater emphasis of faculty advisers on the scientific output of students, in comparison with other aspects of the guidance activity; and iii) the low absorption of alumni in the nematology job market, indicating that GE, traditionally focused on training scientists for the public sector, should be complemented by other elements to stimulate and enable young nematologists to work in other areas in the private and public sectors.


  • There is a need for better training of graduate students in nematology
  • Advisers tend to give more emphasis to scientific output of students
  • Advisers generally give less emphasis to personal and professional preparation of students
  • The absorption rate of young nematologists in the nematology job market is low
  • Diversification in the training of graduate students is necessary
  • Keywords:

    higher education, graduate studies.

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